Torso Vulkan

Vulkan 38, 0178 Oslo
+47 21 38 80 70


Has a 20% discount for VISP members

“TORSO art articles is Norway’s leading association of shops that sell materials and equipment to anyone who wants to draw or paint. We opened on 1st of April 2008, and have outlets in the following locations: Oslo, Asker, Kristiansand, and Bergen.

We call ourselves specialist dealers, and in that we mean that we know the products and their areas of application well and that you will receive advice and guidance from us. The world of art is extensive, and there are many specialist areas where we cannot be fully detailed in our product knowledge.

We supply products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, with up to 225 years of experience with artist materials. This ensures proven products which, when used correctly, contribute to works of art that last for generations.”