Balansekunst Rådgivningstelefonen

“Rådgivningstelefonen (the helpline) is a free, low-threshold service for people who have experienced, witnessed or have questions about discrimination, sexual harassment or abuse of power in cultural life. If you are unsure about what you have experienced or how to proceed with a case, you can get guidance from us.

Discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment) and various forms of abuse of power can be experienced as frightening, hostile, degrading, humiliating – and for many can go directly beyond the quality of life. Cases like this can lead to someone choosing to no longer take part in working life or stop living out their passion for art. This MUST NOT happen.

You can call Rådgivningstelefonen (the helpline) no matter what you have experienced in the past, are experiencing now or have observed that others have been exposed to. No issue is too small, and none is too big.”